One-of-a-kind bedtime stories

based on your wishes


Welcome to Magic Bedtime Stories, a captivating and enjoyable podcast perfect for kids of all ages. Each episode features a one-of-a-kind, AI-generated bedtime story inspired by suggestions from our young listeners.

We incorporate your children’s creative ideas, and our AI assistant, Aida, crafts a unique bedtime story from them! But that’s not all – we also include interesting facts about a variety of subjects, all chosen to engage and educate our young audience.

Magic Bedtime Stories aims to provide families with a delightful, educational, and fun way to wind down their day. We can’t wait to share our stories with you!

First episodes out January 2024!

– Niklas, Tobias, and Aida

Cartoon image of podcast hosts Tobias and Niklas

What story do you want to hear at bedtime next?

If you have any other ideas, suggestions, or just something fun you’d like to share, to use this form for that too!

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